Sorry for the late post guys! I’ve been sort of busy. I had a really positive therapy session at 2, afterward I stopped at Walmart to try and find a knee strap to take some of the pressure off my knees. But I didn’t find one, so I impulsively bought some Reese’s peanut butter chips and a Diet Pepsi, both things I didn’t need, but they beckoned me over. 


After that I went to the gym, somehow, I wasn’t very hungry even by 3:30, but I had a bite of my protein bar to power me through my workout.


I came home and made dinner, I made this Mexican Ground Beef Quinoa dish, except we didn’t have quinoa so I used barley, but then I realized I not only put too little barley in (it called for a cup and for some reason I put 1/4 a cup??), it also had to be cooked about 45 minutes, so instead of waiting that long we just had a beef, tomato, and green chile dish which I added jalepeno’s to along with cheddar cheese. I had mine with some crackers too, so I wasn’t just eating a bowl of meat :P After dinner I was still hungry, so I had a handful(ish) of butterscotch and peanut butter chips (and then some)


I’m now in the process of creating an easy-on-the-knees workout, because my knees are hurting after each workout I do, even if it doesn’t really involve them :/ plus I am going to have to do a lot more walking around campus, so I definitely need to be easy on the knees! 

Hope you’re all having a good night :)

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